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We have faced many challenges in 2020. As your next representative of House District 22, I will make sure your concerns are heard loud and clear whether related to the pandemic, economy or social issues. I will work to help our community thrive and be your voice for the west side.


The west side of Salt Lake County is the economic engine of our local economy. We need to continue to attract competitive paying jobs to our area from all industries.


House District 22 is part of the redevelopment project area. There are some resources to incentivize job creation, but it is not enough. One of my main focuses will be to continue to bring job opportunities to our district. Despite environmental concerns, the Inland port is coming and will bring many jobs. We have already seen a boom in the development of transportation and manufacturing jobs along the SR201 corridor. It is up to us to have a seat at the table and make sure the environmental concerns are mitigated successfully. If we can represent the west side during the Inland port development, it can benefit the growth for our district.


Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy and what keeps the economic engine running. I know how hard small business owners work and struggle, especially during this recent pandemic and earthquake. I work every day with small businesses getting them products and services to help their business thrive. Most recently, I have been working to help small business owners navigate and receive Payroll Protection Loans. 


It is imperative that we find ways to help our local small businesses thrive. We need to continue to attract jobs to the area from all businesses. The more businesses we attract, the more jobs are created, strengthening our local tax base.


Improving education and increasing funding are key elements to ensure our children’s future. Educators must be fairly compensated for their work, and it is the duty of our state to minimize turnover and improve retention.


Teachers shouldn't have to choose between making ends meet and following their careers. Before and after school programs should be improved to make sure no child is forgotten and left behind. It is the duty of our state to minimize turnover and fairly compensate our educators.


Many people in our community are uninsured creating a myriad of challenges. We need a universal health care program that allows everyone to get the health care they need, when they need it. This also includes being against the Income Tax bill to raise taxes, which would have unfairly burdened working families.

COVID-19 has exposed many flaws in our healthcare system. Nobody should have to worry about obtaining treatment in these times of economic and employment uncertainty. We can create a healthy economy and workforce by enabling our community to focus on their careers and families without having to worry about basic healthcare coverage. As your representative, I will fight to increase access to affordable healthcare services within our district.


Managing the growth of our community with sensible planning will create a future for our children and grandchildren. Growth is inevitable, but how we grow is critically important. 


As a current member of the Magna Metro Planning Commission and working previously on the Salt Lake County Planning Commission, I realize the importance of planning and zoning. Salt Lake County is running out of space and a large part of the solution is the open land on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley. We must balance growth, with infrastructure, recreational trails, and jobs, rather than focusing on urban sprawl alone. 


While we focus on growing businesses, we must also find a solution to affordable housing. Many of our young families cannot afford to purchase a home like the one they grew up in. We must explore other options such as higher density housing, but not at the expense of our quality of life.